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» Necropolis $15
» The Pit $10
» Necropolis and The Pit $20

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“Me and three of my friends went opening night, you know the ones who stayed all night and thought it was awesome, we had such a fun night, we are going to be doing it a lot more this month … everyone was cool and we just had such a great time YOU GUYS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” - Zach C. (via email)

“I have to tell you that your place creeped me and my group out.  We wanted to “get the hell out of here” about halfway through but once out in the parking lot we all wanted to go back through again! (it was that good)!” - Dee S. (via email)

“I have been to many haunted houses and by far this haunt was my favorite by far.  This is the best haunt in Missouri, and it was much more fun than (St. Louis haunt).  Thanks for the great experience.” - Cassie C. (via email)

“Wooh…just came back from Necropolis…its scary, I screamed!!!!!! AHHHHHHH  Necropolis is so cool!!!!!!  I love it… I’m so coming back next year” - Snellygirl411 (via YouTube)

“Necropolis is the best haunted attraction I’ve ever witnessed” - Estival 123 (via YouTube)

“ahhhhhhh, Necropolis is amazing, yaaaaaaay! I love it” - AvLrOcKmYwOrLd (via YouTube)

“Dude, I loved the Necropolis.” - Karli T. (via Facebook)

“Drove about 100 miles with 5 kids and was impressed and apparently so were the kids… they wouldn’t shut up on the 2 hour drive home” - Andrew S. (via Facebook)

“One of the creatures told me he remembered me from last time!  Glad to have made an impression!  You guys sure did too.  NECROPOLIS is the best haunted house ever! ” - Shelby T. (via Facebook)

“I love Necropolis!! It was awesome!!  Even though they picked on me the most, lol, but it was AMAZING!” - Kelsey P. (via Facebook)

“It was awesome! Great job this year guys!" - Evan E. (via Facebook)

“We did Necropolis sun.  Had a blast… Necropolis is the best!!!” - Misty G. (via Facebook)

“The Best haunted house in mid-Missouri” - Sherman B. (via Facebook)

“What fun!  Scary and in your face!  The coolest was the cavern with fog and swamp, amazing!” - Kerri W. (via Facebook)

“Best damn haunted house I have ever been too.” - Stan W. (via Facebook)

“Best haunted house I’ve ever been to, awesome.  I recommend it to anyone who wants a scare and gore and blood and guts and all the other stuff” - Cole T. (via Facebook)

“Awesome special effects!” - Julie R. (via Facebook)

“Necropolis ROCKS!!!!” - Ashley T. (via Facebook)

“Scared the @&#% out of me… I highly recommend.” - Patricia S. (via Facebook)

“Highly entertaining!!! Awesome place!!!” - Amanda F. (via Facebook)

 “Love, love, love it! Stellar!” - Ashley B. (via Facebook)

Tickets & Admission

  • Necropolis: $15.00
  • The Pit: $10.00

$20.00 for Both Attractions

Necropolis Haunted House    The Pit


15 or more, $4.00 OFF combo package listed above, no other discounts apply.