NecroPlanet is nationally recognized as one of the best haunted attractions in Missouri and is conveniently located near all three college campuses and downtown Columbia. It features two interactive haunted attractions, The Pit and the legendary Necropolis, now in its 12th year! Come experience ultimate terror this Halloween season! The apocalypse isn't coming... it's here!


Necropolis Haunted HouseLegend says that the abandoned factory known as Necropolis has a traumatic and violent history with rumors of torture, mutilation and murder. The factory has become a beacon for twisted creatures who come to feed from the flesh and souls of all who are foolish enough to enter it's dark corridors. After several failed attempts by government agencies to contain and control the evil inside, all operations have been aborted and currently the military is trying desperately to quarantine the area. They have denied reports that their lead physician, Dr. Hans Eppinger, has remained inside the facility after severing all communication. Rumors are rampant of what repulsive research he could possibly be conducting inside such a vile site.

The Pit

The PitThe world is dead. Society has collapsed. Law and order have been replaced by chaos and survival. A pack of marauding post apocalyptic cannibals have made their home in a crumbling factory known as The Pit. Nuclear radiation and a steady diet of human flesh has mutated their bodies and rotted their minds. The creatures of The Pit are always hungry and hunting for fresh meat. One fierce Pit warrior known only as Torque has been seen frequently scouting the area and capturing any foolish enough to venture too close.

Fear Fest

FearFest is now under new management and has been completely remodeled and expanded for its 14th year of terror! It features two brand new attractions: Hawthorn State Asylum and The Mortuary. FearFest is located just a short five minute drive from Columbia right off of I-70. Horror and fright await you at the all new FearFest!

Hawthorne State Asylum

Hawthorne State AsylumBuilt in 1856, Hawthorn State Asylum was designed to house the most disturbed and dangerous patients from around the midwest. It was the last stop for persons too violent for other facilities. Conditions inside the asylum became horrible due to overcrowding and the loss of funding. The facility's extreme use of lobotomies, electric shock treatment and torture contributed to its eventual closing. However, it was a horrific event that ultimately caused its end. Under a full moon on August 23rd, 1948, a riot erupted throughout the complex. A small group of particularly devious patients had finally had enough of the treatment and managed to set several fires and free the other patients during the mayhem. After police were able to regain control of the facility and the smoke cleared, the full horror of the massacre became visible. 53 total dead: 31 patients and 22 staff. One nurse's death was especially gruesome and tragic. Emma Stevenson was one of the few compassionate souls among the Hawthorn staff. She did everything she could to truly help the patients. As the riot raged, Emma tried desperately to protect the patients but in a cruel twist, they turned on her. She was subjected to the patients crude version of electric shock and lobotomy. Just before her death, they fashioned her a twisted dress made from the carved flesh of the dead and mutilated. Legend says that Emma can still be seen wondering the grounds of the long abandoned asylum, while the sounds of death and madness continue to emanate from the dilapidated and crumbling building.

The Mortuary

The MortuaryA century ago, an odd man named Ezekiel Helmsley established a mortuary on the grounds of the old Hawthorn State Asylum. Rumors quickly began of improper burials and forbidden experimentation. After decades of dealing with death, Ezekiel became obsessed with preventing his own. Through some corrupt combination of science and dark arts, the creepy mortician managed to prolong his life. Legend says that Ezekiel had a family he kept hidden due to their twisted appearances and odd eating habits. A family he kept alive by switching out body parts piece by piece. Some even say Ezekiel is still working to this day, always looking for fresh specimens.